The Tri-Cities Boating Club will offer the 3rd set of TWRA’s Tennessee Safe Boating Course May 23 and 25 at the Northeast State Community College, Library Room L-106. This is a free course and includes all required course materials. Families and young boaters should note this is the last scheduled TWRA class scheduled offered by the Tri-Cities Boating Club for this year.

Pre-Registration is not required, but strongly suggested at TWRA’s web site as you need need the TWRA Boating Safety Exam Permit prior to completing the course in Thursday’s class in order to receive your permit. You can register at TWRA’s web site. Pass code: NES. Applicants can purchase for $10.00 the Type 600 Permit at any TWRA hunting and fishing vendor.

All individuals born after 1/1/89 who wish to operate a boat in Tennessee must carry the TWRA issued Boating Safety Certificate as proof of successful completion of the course. It is Tennessee law.

The course is presented in two 2.5 hour classes. May 23 Chapters 1,2 and 3 of the Boating Tennessee manual will be covered. On May 25, Chapters 4,5 and 6 will be covered. The TWRA Boating Safety Exam will be administered at the end of Thursday’s class. Studying the Boat Tennessee manual is not required but is suggested.

The course covers Your Boat, Getting Under Way, Operating Your Boat Safely, Legal Requirements of Boating, Boating Emergencies – What To Do, Enjoying Water Sports With Your Boat and Test Review.

These safe boating classes will be taught by members of the Tri-Cities Boating Club, a member of the United States Power Squadrons. The US Power Squadrons, “America’s Boating Club”, is a national non-profit organization dedicated to boating education, safety and fellowship. Our motto: “Come for the boating education, stay for the friendships”

For more information on this class, contact Clarke Lucas at 423-538-4643 or email Clarke.