There were no limits on this year’s Boone Lake Poker Run as all participants went all-in for all the fun and excitement. While the day may have started off with a chance of rain, by 2 pm the skies had cleared and players were ready to throw in their chips. Fred and Gina Pinney got us off to a great start as all participants picked up their first cards at their dock and refreshment center. Then it was on to the Care Free Boat Club/Rockingham Marina where Vickie and Glenn provided the cards and refreshments. Back to Norma and Bud’s for some loopy lemonade, some of Kath Bouch’s special fruit cups, and a card of course.

On to the Herron’s for more refreshments and our 4th card where everyone was looking for that ace in the hole. Then over to Lake View Marina and Ellen Johnston’s “Royal Flush” beverage.  There all players anted up their $5 with hopes of winning the cash prizes for drawing one of the best three hands. While we all waited for Lake View owner and fellow member, Tony Huff, to cook up our dinner, there was not much bluffing going on as dealer Ray Bouch thrilled or disappointed players as their five-card hands were flopped and revealed. Just as the winners were determined, the food arrived; and everyone was ready to chow down. Everyone one enjoyed meeting some new members.

Congratulations to:

  • Orville Proffitt, who came in first place (winning $113) with a hand of three 7’s.
  • Susie Blackwell came in second with 2 pair
  • Russell Street came in third with a lower 2 pair

After a pleasant meal under the shade of the tent on the shores of Boone, everyone felt like a winner. With the sun setting, players wished their new and old friends good luck as they packed up and headed for home with a beautiful evening cruise back up the lake.

Special thanks to AO Glenn for all his hard work organizing the annual event and to all those who helped and hosted a card stop. (There is still plenty of fun to be had on Boone!) It was great to see old friends and new members at the poker table enjoying the day. See you at the table next year!