The TRI-CITIES BOATING CLUB will host the annual Boone Lake Poker Run the afternoon of Saturday, July 15.  There will be a $5 playing contribution that will go into the winner’s pot. All proceeds will be divided among the best three hands. All participants will go to all 5 stops and collect a card at each stop as well as refreshments. If you are new to our poker run, don’t let that keep you away. The “boat” rules will be made clear at the start.

The first stop, hosted by Ellen Johnston, will be at Fred and Gina Pinney’s dock at 2 to 2:45 PM.

The second stop, hosted by owner Doug Sams and Glen and Vickie Freshour, will be at Rockingham Marina fuel Dock (2:45-3:30 PM)

The third stop, hosted by Bud and Norma Martin will be at their dock (3:30-4:15 PM).

The fourth stop will be at Brenda and Marshal Herron’s dock (4:15-5:00 PM)

The fifth and final stop will be at LAKEVIEW MARINA (INDOOR RESTAURANT) 5:00-6:00 PM.

No need to worry if you can’t make any or some of the stops. As long as you show up at Lakeview and contribute your $5, Ray Bouch, our resident card shark, will figure out a way to get you your 5 card hand. So if you can’t come by boat, please feel free to come by car to Lakeview.

All food will be ordered off the menu at the Marker 2 Grille.

After we eat, we will proceed to the Big Brown tent on the beach where dealer Ray Bouch will help everybody reveal their hands and winners will be determined. Cash prizes will be rewarded as the top 3 hands will share the pot. The more players we have, the bigger the pot!

You may provide you own refreshments (adult or otherwise) at the tent but not during dinner

Please RSVP to our AO Glen today as we need to know attendance by July 13th. Short notice we know, but a good time is had by all, and we hope you can attend. If you need further information you can contact Glen at 817-3450 or ray at 677-9900.

See you at the card table!