Month: December 2016

Educational Offerings for 2017

We are looking forward to offering a broad range of educational opportunities in 2017. TWRA if you were born after 1/1/89 you need this course to operate a motorized watercraft in TN In VA,  if you have never taken a NASBLA approved boating safety course is now required to operate a motorized watercraft in VA NSBC for Close Quarters and Open Water boating skills ASA for basic sailing skills USPS for Weather, Navigation, Piloting, and many other topics pertinent to boaters....

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Change of Watch

The Change of Watch is set for January 14, 2017 at the Johnson City Country Club.  Please RSVP to Patty Jo Nachman at  

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New Web Site Committee

A committee made up of Steve Scheu, Rich Moakler, Marc Nachman, and Bill Smith met with KC Gott to kick off the development of our new webpage. Our next task is to come up with a front page layout using the DIVI theme. We will compare notes, establish a consensus direction and then let KC help us turn the vision into...

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